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Do you want to invest in Brazil and do not know how?
So be a partner of Pizzi Consultoria, we know the Brazilian market, sectors that are up, economic risks and how to succeed in sales in the most diverse commercial areas.

The report, published by Ernst & Young, shows that the country now ranks second among countries as the best investment destination. Last year Brazil ranked 8th. For the Americans, who are expected to be the biggest investors in the Brazilian economy this year, Brazil has once again become more attractive among the economies of Latin America as it overcomes the recession of recent years.
Do not miss this opportunity to sow in a fertile ground being a partner of Pizzi Consulting. We take care of everything for you and commit to the results.


The prospect of recovery of the Brazilian economy, even at a moderate pace, with inflation under control and stability in interest rates and exchange rates, has encouraged analysts about expectations for small businesses in 2019. A study by Sebrae shows that – historically – the performance of the Brazilian GDP (which, according to the World Bank, should grow 2.2% this year) is reflected in a very similar way in the behavior of micro and small enterprises in the country. In this context, the services sector is the main bet for those planning to invest in their own business this year. “The macro service sector is the most prominent. What is positive, since it already reflects the recovery of income and the labor market as a whole”.


Why Invest in an E-Commerce Platform in Brazil?
The e-commerce segment has already become the “darling” among entrepreneurs and investors here in the country. We have reached an apex in which there are few types of business that can not be web-enabled, being the first destination chosen by most people when it comes to entrepreneurship.

There are several reasons that make Brazilian e-commerce so attractive: ease, practicality, low investment opportunities and business possibilities are among the main ones. In addition, the incredible numbers that portray their growth over the years justify why there is so much interest in selling over the internet.


After the brief overview of sales in the world, you have already noticed that each country has different characteristics that influence its commercial performance. In Brazil, it is no different. The country is the fastest in closing a sale. But do you know what other characteristics of the Brazilian market? Pizzi Consulting knows.

While Brazilians spend less time to make a buying decision, Hubspot’s “State of Inbound” survey says that 34% of marketers say closing deals is getting harder.

This is related to other data pointed out in the same survey: 57% of professionals believe that buyers are less dependent on sellers during the buying process. We know how to dodge these adverse situations and succeed in sales even when the crisis arrives.
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We train your employees to organize, standardize and highlight the quality of your company.


We motivate your employees individually or in teams to extract the best performance to leverage your production and your negotiations.


• We are specialists in sales;
• We know how to develop your negotiations;
• We guarantee the growth of your organization in sales.


Our consultancy has lectures that will move your team to the point of developing the individual potential of each one, generating new attitudes in sales, from the new employee to the one with the longest company.

We do not work with ready-made models, because they can work for one organization and not for another, since each one has its own DNA, so we develop innovative and applicable contents to the reality of your company, to exclusively meet your needs generating a magnificent insight into the management of your institution.

Our lectures can be either technical or motivational.


We work to increase your sales!

New Insights in Sales!

Expansion of performance and opportunities!

Loyalty and excellence in service!

Digital Marketing Strategies!


Pizzi Consultoria was born with the purpose of helping commercial, industrial and service organizations to correct failures in sales management, which is the fundamental point in the driving force of every production system and revenue collector. With that in mind, we seek to improve, train and develop strategies and use technology tools to leverage your company’s sales and negotiations.

We can develop a partnership, where we will enable a growth of your organization, through a personalized service, so that it will become more qualified and effective in the sales processes. We are a company that offers outsourcing in the commercial management, in the contractual processes, training of employees teams, with the aim of exponentially increasing its revenues, through a process of sales growth, market expansion and people management with emphasis on compliance of goals.

In the area of ​​marketing we work with the creation of websites, e-commerce, digital and printed materials such as catalogs, folders, boxes, presentation cards, banners for ads and campaigns. We plan content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Blog for your company.

We also manage campaigns from Google AdWords, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.